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Rog Rakshak Dhoop



Rog Rakshak Dhoop

Products Key Feature(s) : Rog Rakshak Dhoop, keeps bacteria and virus away with Naturally as Vedic way without any harm ! useful for from home and office . This is a dhoop to be done in the room or premises, not to be consumed directly . For everyday use.

Net Wt. : 120 gms


Gugal, Nim Churna, Gaughrit, Laksha Churna, Vooha, Nag Kesar, Vidang, Kapoor Kachali, Hing, Indrajav, Gajpippali, Gomay Churna, Ativisha, Nagarmoth, Trikatu, Rakta Chandan, Agar, Apamarg, Tagar, Sarsav

Shastrokt (Vedic) Importance : Kaashyap Samhita talks in detail about dhoop chikitsa or dhoop therapy. Dhoop therapy is capable of treating all rogas. This is a detailed part of Ayurvedic science which is the originator of modern day aroma therapy.

Relevant Mantra : घृतं गुग्गुलु बिलवं च देवदारु नमेरु च। एष माहेश्वरो धूपो यवयुक्तो ग्रहापहः।।

AyurvedVidhan: Kashyap Samita, dhoop kalpadhya, kalp sthan

Why To consume : It has anti-bacterial, anti-viral qualities and it purifies the environment.

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Weight 150 g


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