Agnihotra is an inherent part of Indian culture. Agnihotra means offering ahuti or homa to devatas with various medicinal grains and herbs. Ahuti is offered with mantra chanting. Small quantity of ahuti is taken in the pinch (between the thumb and the middle & ring finger) and offered to the fire with mantra chanting at the time of sunrise and sunset, this relieves from trividhataapa. Various fragrant and medicinal property carrying herbs are added in this dhoopa. Various inventions and researches have been done on agnihotra in other countries.


Guggalu Khas Motha Kapoorkachali Bel giri Gulab ful Palash Giloy Tagar Agar Brahmi Indra jau Rakta Chandan Swet Chandan Nagkeshar Arjun Twak Naugrah Lakadi Kush Udumbar Twak Vatvriksha Twak Doorva Chhoti Ilayachi Jatamansi Kali Sarasav Pili Sarsav