Ancient Ayurveda texts prescribe many medicines for improving memory, cognizance, comprehension, like brahmi, shankhpushpi, jyotishmati etc. Various medicines were used in gurukul system for enhancing memory for the students who used to study in gurukulas. Among many trials like tese, the best and fastest results were achieved from jyotishmati, brahmi and shankhapushpi.

Jyotishmati seed is mixed well (bhavna method) with brahmi and shankhpushpi swaras, it is dried thrice and then jyotishmati tailam was extracted. This jyotishmati tailam was given with ghrit. This tailam has helped many students in improving their memory, intelligence and mental power.

Sanskruti Arya Gurukulam has made smritivardhak tailam using these medicines. We have administered it to many students in the last 50 years and it has given exceptional results.