In Ayurved, pain is said to be caused by Vaayu. “न वातेन विना शूलं”  meaning, there can not be pain unless Vaayu is malfunctioning or imbalanced.

That is why any kind of pain is eased when Vaayu is balanced. Ayurveda prescribes many medicines to cure pain, like Rasna, nirgundy, turmeric, cannabis, onion seeds, sahijan, guggulu,etc. Ancient Ayurveda texts state cannais to be the best pain-killer. Unfortunately it is banned in India but fortunately, its seds are not. “Pain killer drops” is a result of pujya Guruji’s years of research and refinement of aushadhis. Use of this tailam has proven very beneficial to a number of patients in guruji’s clinic in Varanasi.


Kalaunji Tail: 9 ml

Rasna: 1 ml

Guggalu: 1 ml

Triphala: 1 ml

Haldi: 1 ml

Jyotishmati Tail: 1 ml

Nirgundi Tail: 1 ml

Products Key Feature(s) : It’s a very simple to use multipurpose medicinal oil for all diseases. Specially used for cough related ailments and gastric problems.

Shastrokt (Vedic) Importance : Nigella seeds/black seeds (Kalonji) and cumin (jeerak) are treated as exceptional medicinal herbs in Ayurveda. In Unani pathy, this is called the one medicine for all diseases except death.

Relevant Mantra with Translation and Reference (Sanskrit) :
शेचनं दीपनं वात कफ दौर्गन्ध्यनाशनम् ॥ (च० सू०)

Ayurved Vidhan  : Swanubhoot (patent medicine)

Why To consume : This medicinal oil is beneficial in all diseases, especially in kapha related problems like cough, cold and gastric problems which are caused by Vayu.

Who Can Consume : Any one above the age of 3 years