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Trifala Tablets

Almost all of Ayurveda scriptures describe the importance of triphala. Triphala is called a rasayan in Ayurveda. Its good for daily use, that is why it can be consumed if there is no ailment or health condition. Its regular use keeps the vital energy regulated. All the minute koshas of body keep getting strengthened which improve their capability. Haritaki, vibhitak and amla, used in Triphala are tridosha-nashak that is why they cure various ailments and keep the whole body healthy. These days the triphala that is generally available in market also contains the kernels (which is grinded with the herbs) of these three dravyas, which is not in accordance with the scriptures and Ayurveda. Sanskruti Arya Gurukulam prepares this churna by griding best quality harad, baheda and amla after removing their bark. That churna is used to make triphala tablet.

CONTAINS : Each 100 gm without coated tablet

गुठली बिना की हरड़:  20 gm

गुठली बिना के बहेड़ा: 30 gm

गुठली बिना के आँवला: 50 gm

Who can consume : Anyone above the age of 1 year can consume

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Weight 90 g


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