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Ojas Talcum Powder


Weight : 50 Gm.
Products Key Ingredients : Shankhajirakam, Yashad Bhasm, Agnihotra Bhasm, Milk Powder, Rose, Orange Oil
This talcum powder is an ideal mix of various ayurvedic herbs and ingredients which are prescribed in Ayurveda to detox skin and keep the outer layer of skin nourished and breathing.



Shastrokt (Vedic) Importance : This form is also a type of ‘lepan’ or ‘application on body’ as per Ayurveda. Due to powder particles being tine, it enters the pores on skin easily and cleanses the toxins accumulated there, bad odor and opens the skin pores. It is a ritual to apply Bhasma before offering prayers, the same Bhasmas have been used in this talcum powder.

Relevant Mantra : अग्निरिति भस्म, जलमिति भस्म, स्थलमिति भस्म, व्योमिति भस्म ।।

Ayurved Vidhan : Dharmshastras – Gruhyasutra Sandhya Vidhi

Why to Consume : For healthy and breathing skin. It cleanses the skin of toxic agents and thus protects from various skin problems.

Who Can Consume : Any one

Who Can Not Consume : Not to be applied on any wound.

Additional information

Weight 50 g
Dimensions 4.2 × 4.2 × 4.2 cm


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