Mantraushadhi cough syrup is used to remedy cough, cold and various problems caused due to cough. Its use is very beneficial in dry cough, hooping cough, asthema, allergic cough, bronchitis, infectious bronchitis, pneumonia, difficulty in breathing, cough in the wind-pipe and other such cough related problems. It is very useful in tuberculosis as well. Person of any age can consume it.


Tulsi: 50 mg

Haldi: 50 mg

Yashtimadhu: 100 mg

Pipal: 10 mg

Bhoringani: 50 mg

Suddha Tankan: 10 mg

Yavkshar: 10 mg

Phudina Phool: 1 mg

Piperment Oil: 0.002 ml