Bal Raksha Aushadhi Soap

Bal Raksha Aushadhi Soap


Karna Bindu Tailam

Karna Bindu Tailam

Bal Raksha Aushadhiya Talcum Powder



Bal Raksha Aushadhiya Talcum Powder

Net Volume : 100 Gms.

Product Key Ingredients :

ShankhJirakam, Yashad Bhasma, Agnihotra Bhasma, Milk Powder, Rose Oil (Patal Tailam)

Product Key Features :

This powder is actually beneficial for all young and old age. Its universal qualities makes it suitable for all. Available in easy to use packing. Pancha tatva bhasmas have been used in this talcum powder.

Sastrokt (Vedic) Importance :

This form is also a type of ‘lepan’ or ‘application on body’ as per Ayurveda. Due to powder particles being tine, it enters the pores on skin easily and cleanses the toxins accumulated there, bad odor and opens the skins pores. It is a ritual to apply bhasma before offering prayers, the same bhasmas have been used in this talcum powder.

Why to Use :

For healthy and breathing skin. It cleanses the kin of toxic agents and thus protectes from various skin problems.

Who can Consumed :

Any one

Who can not Consumed :

Not to be applied on any wound

Additional information

Weight 150 g


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