GOSEVA Gir Cow Ghee

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Preserves joint flexibility. Curbs cholesterol, reduces weight and builds immunity

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Cow Ghee of Goseva is prepared using the Vedic Hand Churned method, also popularly known as Bilona method.

We manufacture cow ghee from A2 milk of indigenous cows of Gir breed only. We don’t use any preservatives, chemicals or additives in the preparation.
Ghee is a must buy product in Indian households. People in our country widely use it to enhance the taste of food. We serve it with rice, Khichdi, Dal,etc. In summer, we mix it with Aamras to make it palatable.

We also know pure desi-ghee for its medicinal use

Sinusitis patients are prescribed to pour few drops of pure desi cow ghee in their nose. Sometimes, ghee drops are also useful for improving the eye sight. The use of cow ghee does not allow cholesterol to increase in our body and it is not harmful for the heart. According to scientists ghee has tremendous power to protect our body from radioactive waves.

Desi cow ghee

  • Is useful for better digestion and energy
  • Is Vata-pitta-kafa nashak.
  • Helps in anti-ageing, enhances the beauty and purifies the blood
  • Also controls diseases like paralysis and Asthma.

We use Desi-Ghee is often, for religious purposes

As a practice, people who perform sacrifices (yagya) pour ghee into Agni.
Additionally, many of them also regard it as symbol of wealth, prosperity and health of a family.
Pure Cow Ghee is known as a substance that gives longevity and it has the quality of softness that is used in Ayurvedic Panchakarma treatments such as Netra Basti.

The Vedic method is the best process to prepare Desi-Ghee. Some manufacturers produce regular ghee in the market from milk cream through machines and chemicals. The Ghee prepared with machines and chemicals does not have medicinal properties. Also, adulterated ghee contains oils, Vanaspati and Dalda and other chemicals which can be very harmful to human health.

At Goseva, we prepare Ghee only through Bilona method which Indian Ayurvedic literature recommends.

Direction: Desi Ghee gives best results when consumed with hot food items.

The Gir cows at our Gaushala live in stress free surroundings. We give them correct fodder and clean water to stay healthy. They feed on grass and herbs available in our natural grasslands.

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Weight 900 g
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 15 cm

500 g, 250 g

12 reviews for GOSEVA Gir Cow Ghee

  1. Satish KB (verified owner)

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

  3. Aditya Rana (verified owner)

    The best Gir cow ghee by far! And resonably priced as well!

  4. Madhusudan K (verified owner)

    Excellent, only remedy for health

    • goseva_2017 (store manager)

      Thank you for your valuable feedback

  5. Ravi Aruna (verified owner)

  6. Satish kb (verified owner)

  7. Ganapati R Hege (verified owner)

  8. Siddappa Ambi (verified owner)

    I am regular customer, but this time u have charged ₹165/- for parcel (1.75kg ghee ordered) charges, before one weeks order no parcel charge is paid (1 kg ghee is ordered).

  9. Nupur Bisht (verified owner)

    Good , Authentic A2 Ghee at reasonable prices.

  10. Vardaan (verified owner)

    उम्दा कोटि दानेदार घी

  11. Nisha Bharti (verified owner)

    It taste and smell very good.

  12. Sowmya Gubba (verified owner)


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