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GOSEVA Raktashuddhi Ark (500 ml)


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Blood related disorders, Cancer, Lukemia.

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Raktashuddhi Gomutra Ark contains many blood purifying herbs like Jatmansi, Vasa & Saunf  which helps cure skin diseases, purifies blood & improves skin. It helps improve complexion, helps to lower blood pressure and useful in curing depression issues. Helps in treating Hepatitis, liver enlargement, Alzheimer’s disease, continuous headaches, gastritis, bloating, seminal debility & epilepsy.

By improving blood circulation, it improves brain functions & treats Central nervous system disorders. It also helps in clearing chronic respiratory tract infections. It acts as cardiac tonic and is good for the throat. It is useful in controlling asthma, chronic bronchitis, urinary tract disorders, diabetes, anorexia, worm infested wounds and skin disorders. It can also help induce regular periods in women.

It also helps improve hair growth, voice, eyesight, heals ulcers wounds & swelling or inflammation associated with wounds. It has anti-allergic property and highly beneficial in allergic rhinitis. No Synthetic chemicals are used in the preparation of this product

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Weight 500 g
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 18 cm

3 reviews for GOSEVA Raktashuddhi Ark (500 ml)

  1. Sathyam Nayak (verified owner)

  2. Ashish Wadghane (verified owner)

    Best product

  3. Preeti Harish (verified owner)

    Genuine cow products

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