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GOSEVA Punarnava Ark (500 ml)


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Kidney, swelling in body, Liver disorders

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Punarnava and gomutra combination with Neem, Guduchi, Haldi & other herbs is useful for reducing swelling, liver disorders , urinary problems, kidney/bladder stones, kidney disorders, enlargement of liver, cirrhosis of liver, jaundice, dropsy, oedema and anemia.Punarnava ark is an excellent anti-inflammatory and diuretic remedy, which provides relief in heart, kidney and liver disorders. It is an excellent remedy for elevated uric acid level. It increases the uric acid secretion through the kidneys.

Punarnava ark is useful in reducing urinary tract infections. It is useful in rectifying gynecological problems related to uterus, strengthens uterus and stops abnormal uterine bleeding. It minimises risks of miscarriage and supports normal fetal growth.It is useful in curing kidney stones, strengthen nervous system. Punarnava also helps in curing sexual weakness, low sperm count, dysfunction, blood urea, excess uric acid in body, prostrate problem, urine blockage, painful urination, blood in urine & leucorrhoea.No Synthetic chemicals are used in the preparation of this product

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