GOSEVA Havan Samgari – Pooja Samagri (200 gm)


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Hawan Samagri is made of mainly four types of ingredients

a- Keetanu Nasak ( Anti Bacterial )

b- Sugandhit ( Full of Fragrance )

c- Swasthya Vardhak ( Medicinal action Property )

d- Paushtik ( Healthy Nature )

Below are some of the ingredients used in making of our Sarvottam Super quality Hawan Samagri. Total no. of ingredients are around 70 apart from edible sweets , dry fruits & rice, barley, sesame seeds & Desi pure Ghee etc.

These items are to be added before performing Hawan. One thing must be noted specially that it always best to use Desi GIR Breed Cow Ghee made from Cow Milk for mixing in Hawan Samagri & also for Aahutis in Hawan Baheda, Anwala, Harr, Bawachi, Nagarmotha, Guggal, Talish Patra, Indra Jou, Nag Keshar, Deodar, Lal Chandan Wood, Jata Masi { Balchhad }, Agar Wood, Tagar Wood, Cloves, Nutmeg, Cardomom Green, Kapoor Kachari, Jara Kush, Sugandh Mantri, Sugandh Bala, Sugandh Kokila, Howber, Tomad Beej, Tej Bal Wood, Sandal Wood, Bach, Bay Leaves, Dry Eucalyptus leaves, Daru Haldi, Dhawai Phool, Copra, Chharila, Guruch, Kamal Gatta etc. are main ingrdients of Hawan Samagri .

In addition to above material Sweet material { Sugar/ Gur/ Mishri }, Cow Ghee, dry fruits { Chhohara(Dry Dates), Kishmish, Chiroungi, Makhana, Gari Gola } , Rice, Jou( Barley), Kala Til(Sesame seeds) are to be added before use. In order to make it more compatible & effective some quantity of (Laung)cloves,(JaaiKaai) nutmeg & (Jaavitr)mace is also recommended. To avoid early damage, material we do not mix any dry fruits & sweet material during production. All these materials must be mixed just before the use or you can prepare the complete mixture for 1 or 2 weeks of use.No Synthetic chemicals are used in the preparation of this product

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