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Mosquito repellant, mild fragrance

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Saatvik dhoop is made from the dung of Gir cows.

It purifies the complete atmosphere of your home. The scent of shudh dhoop makes entire surrounding pure and pleasing. It is also useful to kill bacteria.
With the use of Satvik dhoop, one does not need to use chemical based mosquito coils as it is a good mosquito repellent. The chemical based mosquito repellents available in the market contain some harmful and poisonous chemicals which are likely to cause threat to human health.
Our Shudh dhoop is entirely pure and organic.
Also, the money earned by the sale of dhoop is used for cow maintenance and protection.
Since the product is totally herbal, it has no side effects on inhalation or even on digestion.

Other mosquito repellants

Researchers have proved that pyrethroids used in repellents lead to hyper excitation of nervous system and prolonged use results in corneal damage, liver damage and asthma. The use of such repellents seriously affects about 12% of users . Inhalation of its smoke causes some common problems. Its inhalation toxicity is high even at low concentration of 0.0044mg/litre/day or 4.39 ppm.

Highly accurate studies conducted in US show that children ranging from 1-6 years in age are eating at least 0.002157mg/kg/day of pallethrin used in liquidators due to food exposure. This is affecting their health because it’s limiting quantity is 0.002152mg/kg/day.

Burning Saatvik dhoop makes the ambience harmonizing and it is good for physical and spiritual well-being.

The ingredients used in preparation of Satvik Dhoop are :

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