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GOSEVA Giloy Ghanavati (120 Tab)


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Digestion, Diabetes, BP, Liver

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Giloy Ghanavati contains water extract of Giloy, which is a potent immuno-modulator herb beneficial for improving immunity and preventing common infections. It provides support during anti-infection therapy. It is non-chemical antipyretic, but its antipyretic action is mild, so it provides palliative treatment in fever.

It helps in better liver functioning. It produces a mild antipyretic action and helps to control fever associated with infections. It prevents recurrent infections by boosting the response of the immune cells against the organisms and enabling them to destroy them efficiently. It reduces the release of toxins from the undigested foods and helps to prevent the presence of disease-causing factors in the body.No Synthetic chemicals are used in the preparation of this product

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3 reviews for GOSEVA Giloy Ghanavati (120 Tab)

  1. ArulMurugan Subramanian (verified owner)

    Protection cow dung basepowder should be less in the bottle. Pills should be more solid.

  2. Satish Iyer (verified owner)

  3. Satish kb (verified owner)

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