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GOSEVA Triphala Ghanvati – Cow Urine Vati (120 pills)


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Vaata, pitta, kafa balance and increase in immunity

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Triphala Ghanavati(Cow urine tablet) is an Ayurvedic herbal formulation containing the three fruits (also known as three myrobalans) in equal proportion. It is beneficial for constipation, losing weight (obesity), reducing belly fat, body cleanse, indigestion and other abdominal problems. It is a simple preparation, but it gives awesome benefits in weight loss. It reduces visceral fat and cellulite.

Triphala stimulates immune system and thus it helps preventing recurrent upper respiratory infections. It stimulates gastric secretion and improves digestion. Due to laxative and carminative action, Triphala helps in constipation, flatulence, gas and abdominal distension.

Ayurveda recommends Triphala Ghanavati as a liver cleanser, blood purifier, and as digestive aid. Since cow urine is in the mode of goodness, it will therefore invigorate the physical, mental, and moral senses.  Take two pills twice a day with warm water. Store in cool dry place and keep away from sunlight. Ingredients: Dehydrated cow urine and selected herbs.

B.P, Fat loss, stomach problems, mental and physcial strength, strengthen body immunityNo Synthetic chemicals are used in the preparation of this product

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1 review for GOSEVA Triphala Ghanvati – Cow Urine Vati (120 pills)

  1. ArulMurugan Subramanian (verified owner)

    Protection cow dung basepowder should be less inside the bottle. Pills should be more solid.

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