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Gau Gugal Agarbatti is a pure and Satvik Agarbatti made from Desi Gir cow`s pure ghee, cow dung ash and natrural herbs.

GOSEVA Gau Gugal Agarbatti gives a very pleasant fragrance. The aroma of Gugal gives a
soothing effect and calms down the mind.
Burning of Gugal also kills the bacteria present in the atmosphere.
Each stick burns for a long duration of 50 to 55 minutes.
It is chemical free and pure Gugal extract is used for the essence.

The burning of cow dung as an air purifier is an age old practice or custom.
Cow dung has a property of disinfecting and reducing the effect of pathogenic bacteria.
Various cultures use cow dung in order to fight against various illnesses.

According to Ayurveda, inhalation of Gugal fragrance also helps in reducing Kapha dosha.
Many Ayurvedic preparations include Gugal, due to this quality.

While rendering an ideal atmosphere for offering your prayers, it gives out a mild sandal fragrance.
The usage of cow dung also makes it an eco-friendly and organic product.
The ash that falls during the burning of the agarbatti can be mixed with soil.
It forms a good source of nutrition for plants to grow.

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