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Most of the commercial floor cleaners available today, contain toxins and poisons that are hazardous to human health. Warning labels on these products themselves state that the contents are poisonous or dangerous, as they are chemical in origin. Even when stored carefully, toxic floor cleansers can leak out of bottles or be inhaled during use, especially dangerous in households with children. These toxic products seep into the environment, contaminating water supplies. No doubt theses cleaning products containing disinfectants can kill germs immediately but may also contribute to their stronger resistance in the long run.

However GoKripa Products has come up with a wonderful alternative of manufacturing of natural, eco-friendly floor cleaner, ‘goseva’ comprising of non-toxic and biodegradable ingredients, which means they won’t be a hazard to the environment or your health. This product safely removes dirt, dust, grime and smudges from the floor along with disinfecting the surface of germs and bacteria.

goseva Floor cleaner is prepared from extracts of neem( Azadiracta indica) leaves and neem fruit, the age old formula known to Indians for carrying out disinfection of household items and things. This ‘all natural’, Neem extract contain no harsh petrochemicals, VOC”s or phosphates, ammonia making it safe for kids and pets.

Formulated to safely break down grease, food, bacteria & dirt.

Super easy rinse-free formula means NO messy bucket of water.

No harsh chemicals ever!

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