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Cow dung cakes play an important role in performing yagyas. It is considered best for havan on different occasions.

Burning of cow dung purifies the surrounding air. It also saves us from Ill-will and negative energy. With our tradition of making dung cakes of holy breed Gir cow grown in perfect environment, it gives purity and goodness, as we provide healthy food to cows. People in Indian tradition consider cow dung very sacred. As per a Shloka, we say “Gomaya Vasate Lakshmi” which means that Goddess of Wealth resides in cow dung. Many efforts are made to study the traditional beliefs from scientific approach.

The field of agriculture, energy resource, environmental protection and some therapeutic applications consider cow dung as a Gold Mine due its wide applications. Its important uses are:


Even today, many rural kitchens use dung as fuel . People use cow dung patties (gootte) for cooking. Some people still consider roasting of potato/ sweet potato in it as the best fuel as against electric oven. Traditional wisdom says that in burning these cow dung cakes, the temperature never rises beyond a certain point, ensuring overheating does not destroy the nutrients in the food. Besides, the smoke of gobar clears the air off germs.

Gobar Gas Plants:

Consumer utilities such as production of bio-gas and electricity generation also use Gobar successfully to produce bio-gas (methane) and generate electricity for consumer use. Biogas is used in cooking, for lighting in homes and streets. Some self-combustion engines use cow dung as fuel for various uses like running a generator to produce electricity. The slurry (residue) comes into use for production of manure, which when spread on crops acts as an excellent fertilizer. Dung for Bio-gas and its slurry for manure is providing renewable cooking energy and slurry for compost.


Cow dung is the best fertilizer. Composting makes it even more powerful fertilizer. It is rich in nitrogen.

Many farmers use it as a fertilizer for agriculture in India. They also crush it to powder and apply to Tulasi and various flowering plants. It kills the hazardous effects of pesticides and other fertilisers.

Organic farming:

By using compost method and vermi-culture, agriculturists have developed different types of bio-fertilizers using cow dung and urine and vegetative waste. Cow dung keeps the rotting compost antiseptic. The digester turns the dung into sterile compost and kills all the worms. Farmers make 30 Kg of good compost using 1 kg of cow dung with 15/16 kg of Biomass and similar quantity of soil from the fields.. National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) has also approved this. Vermi Compost from cow’s dung exhibits excellent plant growth promotion property.

Goseva dry dung cakes come in a pack of 16 round pieces of 2.5 inches diameter each. They are also used to prepare Saatvik Dhoop incense sticks which when burnt, they act as an air purifier and mosquito repellant.

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    I ordered for my homa which i do regularly, its reasonable price and made it so easily available in urban areas hard to find and costly too, goseva team thank you!!

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      You’re welcome. We hope to serve you better. Jai Gomata

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    quality is best

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