Anti Radiation Chip


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Anti Radiation Chip

Radiation is harmful for health but mobile has become a necessary evil now. A lot of radiation generates while using the mobile phone which is very harmful for the body. Gomay is very beneficial to prevent the harmful effects of this radiation. According to ancient Bharat’s rasayan shastra, naagarjuna has described copper to be the best mean to shield radiation. Radiation or radio-magnetic rays were discovered by Maharishi Agastya. He has also described copper as well as agnihotra as having best anti-radiation qualities.


Gomay, Agnihotra Bhasma, Taamra Bhasma, Yashad Bhasma, Nag Bhasma, Marcury, Hemp Seed Powder.

Chip contains Hemp, agnihotra & yashad & nag bhasma, that restrics radiation, along with Gomay being anti viral, it also has copper powder which reduces over heating.

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Weight 150 g

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