3 Things To Keep In Mind When You Burn Your Skin

Did you burn your skin accidentally?

Yes, It could happen to anybody, but only the person going through the pain knows how bad it is. What matters is, what you do next to heal from it. You might already know that fire doesn’t burn your skin until the duration of contact crosses 3 seconds. And no body in their normal senses would want to wait for 3 seconds. Our reflex action doesn’t allow us to do that either.
But what if it crosses the 3 seconds without our knowledge. That’s when such accidents happen. And depending on the intensity of the burn, your skin is left with a mark if you don’t take care of your skin. Also, these steps work effectively on 1st degree burn and not more than that. If it’s anything more, you’ll need immediate proper medical attention.
Well, here are 3 things you must do as soon as you know that you have accidentally burnt your skin.

1. Press wheat flour on the affected region

Yes, you read it right! Wheat flour!

Many experts and doctors claim this to be untrue. But this home remedy works really well for first degree burns. The dryness of the flour sucks the moisture out of the affected area and it also absorbs the heat. This is not a theoretical explanation, but a practical solution which I have already tried and tested. It works.
Apart from this, the wheat flour also ensures that there are no red marks, patches or scars left on the skin. You need to take enough flour to cover the whole burnt area of the skin and keep it pressed for about 5 to 10 minutes. That should do.
Having said that, I would like to add that the flour procedure will not bring down the pain or burning sensation. That will remain until you apply a remedial ointment which I’ll be talking about. Once you are done with the flour procedure, you just discard the flour on the skin and go for the next step.

2. Apply Goseva Marham on the burnt area

This should be done 10 minutes after you press the flour on the skin. By this time, the flour would have absorbed all the heat and any moisture. Malham is an excellent Ayurvedic ointment which helps boost up the healing of the skin.

It avoids any type of infections and improves blood circulation. It also helps in bringing down the burning sensation in the skin drastically. With the use of Malham at least twice a day, the skin tone and colour comes back to normal very quickly. It has no chemicals or preservatives. So, there are no side effects.

3. Never even think of applying water

The Research Report: How to Treat Burns With Running Water - WSJ

This is a NOT TO DO. But it’s important. Many people make this mistake of dipping a burnt hand or finger in water or running cold water on it, thinking that will solve the problem. It’s actually the other way round. There are high chances of presence of bacteria in water. And they can directly enter the bloodstream, if they come in contact with the damaged layer of skin. And added to that, when your skin is healing and reforming, the moisture gets locked in that area and skin grows upon it. This can cause infections and pus formation and leave a permanent mark on your skin.
I once again want to stress on this point that these things need to be followed only for first degree burns. May be you accidentally touched a hot utensil or boiling water or an iron box or you got sunburnt where only the first layer of your skin got burnt and not anymore.
If the degree of burn crosses this stage where the hurt is deeper, please get medical aid, as early as possible.
And last but never the least, if you don’t want to go through any of this, avoid getting burnt by being alert when there are hot things around you (stating the obvious but….) Take care.
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